Campus Reaction

After each performance, we ask audiences to share their reactions to the show. We are honored to know that Show Some Skin has had a powerful impact on audience members, the campus community, and the actors themselves.

“Moving, amazing. I feel satisfied, lighter, as if weights I have been carrying were lifted.” (Show Some Skin: Who Matters, 2016)

“Best thing ever! Raises so many thoughts & feelings & new conversations & so important on this campus! I was really struck by how this performance captured the multiple layers of marginalization and privilege/intersectionality that are so important to each person’s idenity. I’m also in a multi-racial, ethnic, & class relationship, so ‘Love Sees All Colors’ was really dear to my heart. Thanks so much!” (Show Some Skin: Who Matters, 2016)

“One of the most formative experiences I’ve had at Notre Dame has been participating in Show Some Skin. Back in high school, I wasn’t in a long-term relationship the way my sister was. To a point, I felt like I couldn’t love or be loved. When I participated in Show Some Skin, I was given a monologue by an author who felt she had a ‘gay disease.’ I ate, slept, and lived with that monologue, trying to understand the character, trying to get into their head. I had never discriminated against someone who is gay, but I also feel like I grouped them into a category and didn’t see them as many, many individuals. As I practiced the monologue, I started to love this author. I started to see inside her. And I thought, I could never hate this girl, because I know and love her. After the final night of performance, someone came up to me and said, ‘Hey…you performed the monologue that I wrote.’ And I was stunned. I said, ‘You are exactly how I pictured you.’ I’m still friends with her now. I knew her and loved her as a person before I ever met her. Truly, this show taught me that I am capable of loving and am capable of being loved. It’s so easy to generalize any group of people, to hate them and discriminate against them. But when you’re one-on- one, it’s impossible to hate them. You see their vulnerability. This is so important, especially in college. And Show Some Skin is addressing that head-on.” (April Dan Feng, Actor, Show Some Skin: Tell Me More, 2014)

“This performance was amazing! I felt that everyone had a wonderful moment in the spotlight and their perspectives were well-developed and acted out on stage. Topped last year’s performance, and that’s saying a lot. My feelings were very similar to many of the monologues. I felt isolated, down on myself and confused, before I finally found a group of similar-minded friends to fall back on, and this performance reminded me of my vulnerabilities, and made me realize that I am not alone, and there are folks who still need help.” (Show Some Skin: It’s Complicated, 2013)

“It was magnificent! Acting was superb, variety fantastic, stories beautiful and funny and heart-wrenching. I’ve never been prouder to be at ND than when I sat in the theater, witnessing the passionate actors, the souls of the authors who wrote the monologues, and the students and faculty and family who came to support the show. Everyone was captivated and deeply affected by the stark and genuine presentation of this huge issue on ND’s campus. You have done more for interracial understanding, respect, and appreciation in one evening than decades of other efforts have been able to achieve.” (Show Some Skin: The Race Monologues, 2012)

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