Call for Stories 2021


In a moment distinguished by global unrest, we have had to constantly consider how to protect ourselves from exposure, and how to defend those around us. Our shared risk is not limited to our  health. Periods of tragedy, loss, confusion, and injustice expose us to a closer, near-microscopic, look at the countless systems working beneath the surface of the lives we thought we understood. And much of the time, we find that the sources of our most invasive and infectious cells live within us, and have been passed down for far too long. Periods like these shine a light on the lies we have been told, the systems that have failed, and the truths we have been conditioned to ignore. They leave us to challenge our convictions in search of the uncontaminated truth. They implore us to drop our guards, our comfort, for a chance at revelation.

Our understanding of reality’s ever-changing quality becomes clearer to us each day. The more we see, the more we know, and vice versa. Our world bends as shared and individual experiences open new eyes to the violence perpetrated by systems sworn to protect all and the roles we play in the realities of others.

There is a reality you know that no one else does, and you are the living, breathing exposé. You serve as a witness to the world around you and to yourself. How much are you willing to disclose? How much is better untold? What is the danger in leaving yourself exposed? When is it better to keep the mask on, and when is vulnerability worth the risk?

See reality, see your very being, in all of its layers. Does the world change when the truth comes out, or has it always been the same? Wherein lies the truth? Is it worth finding, or better left undiscovered? When, then, is the right time for the truth to come to light? And once it is exposed, can we ever go back? Who, or what, has too much exposure? Too little? What are the complications of public opinion and understanding? What have you been waiting for everyone else to realize?

Last year, you showed us that what we see is not what we get. Now in our 10th year, Show Some Skin wants you to look beneath the surface. Talk to us about exposure. We’re asking you to show your skin, and perhaps go deeper. What, in this life, is there to be exposed?  From your own experience, what does exposure mean for you? Show us the difference between the world we see and the world you know. Expose to us what can be hidden no longer. 

Submission deadline is Friday, October 2, 2020.